Top 5 apps to make money on the move


If you have a spare minute or two then you may be interested in some money making apps. Why not use your smartphone to make a little extra money while you are sat on a train, waiting for a bus or on a lunch break at work. On seconds thoughts, why wait for your lunch break, if you have a spare minute you can easily rake in the extra pennies (just don’t tell the boss!)

This is the top 5 list of money making apps  with a quick review and rundown of each one. Make money while you are on the move! 

1) QuickThoughts – This wonderful little app provides short and snappy surveys for anywhere between 50p and £2. Most surveys take around 10 minutes to complete and the surveys are fully integrated for smart phone use so they work really well and they are easy to complete. You can cash out with £10 but you can only get Itunes vouchers. Not so shabby though!

2) Iconzoomer – This is the least time consuming app and probably the most fun. Every so often they send you a request for a photograph and you can upload it on the app. You earn points per photo and you can cash out with real cash. Some of the tasks are similar to this, “Show us your make up bag,” or “Take a picture of your favourite chocolate bar,” and so on. They are really easy to do as you can take the photo with your smart phone and upload straight away.

3) AppXpert – This is  a fun app where you are asked to download new apps and test them. Sometimes they are games so it is even better. The apps are always free and you get paid around 20p – 25p per test. You are given bonus amounts on the way too if you reach certain milestones. The questionnaire after the app is only 5-6 questions long so it is easy to do too. Many of the apps are worth having so I have kept them on my phone.  You can cash out with £20 and it took me a four months to reach this, a long time I know, but it is not very time consuming and you only get an app every few days.

4) Ebay – This app is perfect for smart phones! I love Ebay and I love my iphone so it is no wonder this app works well for me. The app allows you to snap an item and upload it within seconds. You can monitor purchases, bid on items and dispatch items. I find this site has greatly increased the amount of money I make on ebay as I can answer questions on the go and relist items in seconds.  It is user friendly and glitch free.

5) Toluna – This app contains all your details for your online survey account but it provides short little surveys that you can’t do on your desktop as they are specially designed for the smartphone. The app allows you to check your points total, complete surveys and short polls. Most survey sites have poor apps but this is one that regularly uploads new content and surveys. It is worth a download, especially as some of the surveys offer you special market research projects and products to test!

All the above apps will make you money and are free to download. These have all been trialled and tested and they come recommended.


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