Top 10 money saving apps

Top 10 money saving apps 

So you have your Angry Birds for when you are bored, your Yahoo Weather for checking if you need your brolly and yoappur Instagram for making your boring photos look fun and interesting. What is missing? Your Top 10 Money saving apps of course!

Number 1 – Zwallet  

This mobile wallet lets you store all your loyalty cards on your phone, as well as redeem vouchers shared on You can also join new loyalty schemes at the touch of a button so you can have access to all the exclusive bonuses and special offers.

Number 2 – Voucher Cloud.  

This free app is free and it allows you to search for special offers and deals where you are. You can type in the retailer or restaurant you want to visit and check if there are any live vouchers to redeem. Most vouchers do not require printing, just flash your phone.

Number 3 – 0800 Wizard 

Why oh why are 0800 numbers not free on mobiles? I have no idea however they do so if you want to use your included minutes, type the number into this app and let it find an alternative. This app also works with 0870 /0845 numbers.

Number 4 – Nosey Parker

This app costs £1.99 however it is a wonderful invention. It locates all the free car parking available near where you are. When you have to pay at least £2 to park in some city center for an hour, you will make the £1.99 back in no time!

Number 5- Onavo 

This is a freebie so worth downloading just to give it a try. The developers of this app state that it will save you 80% on your data plan because it compresses the data you use whilst you use the internet on your phone.Make your precious data last longer!

Number 6 – Orange Wednesdays 

Orange Wednesdays allows Orange/EE customers to get 2-4-1 cinema tickets and 2-4-1 pizzas at Pizza Express. That is date night sorted for the foreseeable! The app generates a text which costs 35p to receive. Make sure you request your voucher early as there can be long delays on Wednesday evenings.

Number 7 – BBC Iplayer 

A TV license is necessary for a television, however you do not need one for phones or laptops! There is a loophole in the law which means you do not need a TV licence for streaming services. If you like this app then you should also check out ITV player and 4OD app (also free).

Number 8 – Idealo 

If you are out shopping and you find something you want to buy, you can use this app to check how much other retailers are selling it for. Just scan the products barcode or enter the keywords to find how much you are saving.

Number 9 – Spendometer 

Bad at budgetting? Do you run out of money at the end of the month? The Spendometer lets you set your daily/weekly/monthly budget and then you fill in your spending as you go along. The spendmeter will tell you how much you are overspending or even saving.


This app allows you to compile your shopping list and then it checks the stores for the cheapest price. Whether you do your shopping online or in store it allows you to make a saving. You can also get cashback on certain items and access to the latest deals and savings.

Other apps of note –

  • Multiple Voucher apps (Free) – Great for spotting those deals and getting free drinks.
  • Banking apps (Free) – Most banks now offer a banking app for you to keep your finances in check.
  • eBay (Free) – Ideal for hunting down bargains and bidding on the move.
  • Skype (Free) – Chat and video call friends for free.

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