The Blue Light card review

If you work for: the police, the NHS, the fire brigade, armed forces, prison service, coast guard and any other emergency service then you are entitled to a Blue Light Discount card. 

blue light

The Blue Card gives you a variety of discounts that you can use in store and online. You have to pay £4.99 for the card and the card lasts for three years. The card can also be used at local places not listed on the website such as local clubs and bars to gain free entry.

Blue Light Card Review 

I have gone through the discounts and there are some good discounts to be had but many are gift cards so you have to plan ahead. For example, you can save 6% on B&Q gift cards. If you are making a big purchase such as a new kitchen or bathroom at £600 then you can save £60 which is not to be sniffed at but it’s no good for those one off purchases.

They have 5% off giftcards at Topshop/Topman, River Island, Marks and Spencer, Toys R Us, Argos to name a few. In terms of stores where you can flash the card, the only one that really stands out is New Look, with the card you can currently earn 25% off purchases in store. There are also up to 25% off food bills in some restaurants such as Handmade Burger Co and Bella Italia.

Is it worth it? 

The card will pay for itself if you shop smart and buy the vouchers before making a purchase or if you like to give vouchers as gifts for people. £4.99 over three years works out as good value if you are making big purchases but I personally find that you can shop smarter in other ways. For example, if you take an OAP to B&Q on a Wednesday and they pay for your purchase they are entitled to a 10% discount (you have to pretend that the item they are buying is for them though.) The jury is still out on  this one,

you will have to really plan your purchases ahead before you buy anything. It can be good for getting you in local clubs for free and beats taking your real corporate ID out with you.

Verdict 6/10


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