Save money on music – 5 ways to download music for free

As you can imagine, I do not like paying for things if I can help it. I love music and having the latest tracks but I don’t really like paying 99p per song, thank you very much ITunes, please come again. So here is a list of 5 ways you can get your music for free. Some legal, some not so legal….


1) Use a free streaming site such as Blinkbox and you can search for songs, play playlists and even save music for offline play. Sites such as Spotify also offer free streaming services but they offer a limited service. Spotify premium can be trialed for free as can Deezer so this is worth doing for the month.

2) Look for freebies. Often Itunes, Amazon, Google play, 7Digital and Jamendo have a selection of free music you can download, these can be albums or songs and the lists change regularly. Itunes 12 days of Christmas is usually a good time to get a chart topper for free.

3)  Converting music from Youtube. You can legally watch and listen to music on Youtube but if you want to turn it into an MP3 then you need to violate YouTubes terms of service. Downloading too often may cause YouTube to ban your IP from accessing any further YouTube content. It is very easy to do though. Find your song on Youtube, copy the URL and paste into the field on It takes around a minute per song but once you have done it you can download the track on to your computer.

4) Free digital copies on Amazon with Autorip. Every album you have ever bought on Aamzon can be downloaded as a digital version. Sometimes albums get lost or damaged over the years so discovering your old albums is like getting a freebie! You could even sell the old albums and just keep the digital versions.

5) Share! Sites such as Bearshare allow users to share and download audio and video files. The reviews are good stating it is reliable and safe as long as you scan the download with anti-virus software.


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