Making money writing reviews

Ah… the world of online reviews

Call yourself a freelance writer as a fancy title but really all you are doing is offering your opinion on products and services, and we all love sticking our two penneth in!  Review writing is one of the easiest ways to earn good money online. As long as you can string a sentence together, explain your views and then hit spell check you can easily earn upwards of £15 per review. 

What is it? A review  website is a site  where people write reviews about products, services, businesses and even topical subjects. Some sites are not only little goldmines but they also serve as communities where you can chat to people and share your thoughts. When I wrote reviews regularly, I was making around £75 – £100 per month. The beauty of review writing is that you can publish the same piece on different websites; doubling, if not tripling sometimes the income for each review. Many freelance writers are now earning a full time income by writing high quality reviews about products and updating them to these websites.

How does it work? There are many companies that are promoting their products and services through review websites. The companies pay these review websites for the promotion of their products and the websites in turn pay you for writing reviews. Ultimately, the reviews help consumers decide about the products at the time of purchase. Everyone is a winner.

So what do you have to do?  Join the websites I recommend, adhere to the principals I state and get writing!

Now this is my personal set of guiding principles about how to boost the amount of money you make by writing reviews. I saw so many people come and go on the website as they were not maximising their earning potential. Firstly, think about review writing as a job, you are writing for pay not pleasure. Write about subjects you are passionate about but make sure you have money at the forefront of your mind. For example, from time to time, the review sites will push certain products and offer a bonus for reviews in that category. Always choose from this category, you might not like writing about phones and gadgets and prefer discussing restaurants and shops but always write about products that pay you the most! For example, they may want to push electrical items and offer a £1 bonus for every review in this category. Search the website for the items you own and get writing. Make sure you don’t write too many reviews on the same thing though, the companies are not stupid, it is not possible for someone to own 10 washing machines, 20 laptops and 25 mobile phones.  You will get penalised for writing bogus reviews so be honest. Besides, it is easier to write quicker about products you actually own. Some sites allow you to post pictures of the items you own, this can help make your review more genuine.

Time! I used to time myself writing a review. You need over 250 words for the site to use it but anything under 400 words will probably not be good enough. I could write 400 words in 15 minutes and this review would always earn at least £1.  so once you write a review, take time to rate other people’s reviews. Bring up the list of the latest reviews on the website and start rating. Each rate can generate up to 6 pence per read. By rating other people you are encouraging them to come back and rate your’s. If 50 people rate your review you can earn an extra £3 on top of whatever they offer for the review. This extra income is often missed and people are so eager to write and publish, they neglect this key aspect. The sites are active communities, if you scratch your back, they will scratch yours.

So to recap –

Tip 1 – Always write in the highest paid categories.

Tip 2 – Avoid bogus reviews. You can get banned!

Tip 3 – Think about writing reviews as an hourly rate. You want to work for the best possible rate per hour.

Tip 4 – Rate other people’s reviews. We are in it together!

These key tips will get you making money in no time and if you read on you will now learn even more.

Often sites offer competitions and bonuses, always give these a go as hardly anyone enters. This way you have a very high chance of winning. I was regularly winning bonuses as I played the game. It is worth it.

My penultimate tip is this; decide whether you are going to write a short punchy quality review or a long in depth review. Short reviews earn quick fast cash; you can bang out four reviews in an hour if you get a good structure. (I will give you an overview of a winning review structure after this tip.) However, a long review, filled with lots of insight and opinion can earn extra rewards. It can be nominated as a ‘review of the month,’ many of the review sites have their own take on this. ‘Dooyoo’ give you ‘crowns’ for example and ‘Ciao’ give you are share of their ‘premium fund.’ Reviews that end up winning these can often earn up to £30 per review! This is a massive cash injection but some lengthy reviews can take a good couple of hours to write. You need to work out which approach words best. Finally, do not give up, the first month of review writing could be slow as it takes other reviewers time to recognise your username and picture (if possible, use the same picture so people can recognise you) but persevere.. you can earn plenty here.

Sum up –

Tip 5 – Decide if you want to write good short reviews or lengthy in depth ones.

Tip 6 – Persevere!

The websites

1) This is one of the biggest websites for writing reviews. This website has a Google page rank of 2 and it has thousands of products available for writing reviews on.  You can cash out with £5 and you are paid directly into your bank account. This is why I am rating this site as my number 1.

2) Dooyoo is user friendly and you can start earning quickly. They pay by Amazon voucher or BACS. You need to 20,000 points to get a £20 voucher or 50,000 points to obtain £50 by BACS.  Each point is worth a penny.  Some  reviews pay 600 points for a review and each rate you get is worth 3 pence. DooYoo is a friendly community. Write comments and rate to get noticed and keep people on side. If you don’t rate and read other member’s reviews then how can you expect many in return.

3) – If you write reviews you may as well post them on Amazon. The advantage of this is that Amazon invites the most trusted reviewers on Amazon to join Vine. Vine members are given free products that have been submitted to the programme by participating vendors to try and review. I have known people to receive washing machines, games, lawn mowers and other high value items.

 Structuring a review – Split your review into four topics.

  • Topic 1 – Introduction (100 words) why did you buy it, what did you expect, who told you about it.
  • Topic 2 – Price and availability (50 words) How much and where from.
  • Topic 3 – Description (100 words) What is it, what does it do.
  • Topic 4 – Opinion (200  words) advantages and disadvantages.
  • Topic 5 – Conclusion (50 words) Would you recommend it?

Please advise me of other review sites that you have discovered that pay well. I know of others but these two pay the best. We are here to make the most money after all!




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