Make money on surveys

Surveys are a fun way to express your views on a wide range of products or issue whilst boosting your income. You will earn money on surveys, sometimes £5 per survey but often you will have to build up your pot before you are allowed to withdraw it.

So how do the sites work? Marketing is big business. Companies need to learn what people buy and who to target their advertising at.  Often surveys are discussing utilities, new products, where you do your shopping..a variety of topics. Frequently you will find that at the end of a survey you are offered a free product to trial. Once you have trialled a product you will be given another money earning survey where you can give your opinion. I have trialled make up, food and even electrical items!

What do you need to do? Sign up to the sites I recommend; often you get a juicy beginner’s bonus such as who start your pot off with £2.50 and then  wait for the alerts to land in your email inbox. Click on the link and whizz through the questions. You are then rewarded for your efforts!

How much can you earn? If you join a few different sites you can really make surveying work for you.  Some people earn between £800 and £1000 a year. The best thing about surveying is that you can do it on my phone in your lunch break, whilst chilling out at home or even waiting in line at the bank!

Any tips? I have a lot of experience of surveying and I have learnt a couple of tricks over the years. Firstly, wait for the survey links to hit your inbox and then try and take them straight away. Within 24 hours you will often find that the survey has had enough respondents and you will screen out at the beginning of the survey. Secondly, read the questions and answers properly. Sometimes they drop data validation questions in to check you are not just ticking any box. It is a pain when you spend 15 minutes filling in a survey only to be thrown out at the end for not reading a question properly. Thirdly, once you have hit your payout limit withdrawn your money. If you leave your account idle, sometimes sites wipe your balance. Lastly, do not worry about screening out. Sometimes you will not be the target of certain surveys and your survey fun will end abruptly;  sometimes you might not live in the area they want to canvass, not have children in the right age ranges or sadly not be in the right age bracket! This is part of surveying and you just need to get over it and click on to the next survey. The quicker you click, the quicker you earn!

The sites!– You can cash out in Paypal, order a cheque (free postage) or you can be paid in vouchers.  The site is American so Paypal convert the currency for you or they will send you a cheque in the currency you dictate. To order to cheque you need $50 which is actually quite easy to accrue. Cheques take up to eight weeks to arrive but Paypal payments take less than one week. The site runs in points, surveys are paid in points. Each point is worth 4 pence. An average surveys pay 40 points which is around £1.60. The average survey time is 15 minutes. – This is actually a really fun survey site as it offers short, snappy surveys on current topics and trends. It does not send many survey links by email so it is best to log in and view the surveys ready to take on your dashboard.  The average survey is worth between 10 pence and 50 pence but for 10 pence  you will only doing a minute of work for this money. The site has surveys added daily and to start you off they give you £2.50. You also get extra free bonuses along the way. You need £40 to cash out but once this is reached you can ask for your money by BACS and it is paid very quickly. The site is well put together and despite the high pay threshold, you will find that your balance soon adds up.  This is a user friendly site with a wide variety of surveys that pay between 50 pence and £3. You also get to donate to charity. Make sure you log on to, not the US site though, they look identical, so it’s easy to get confused. You can cash out with £3 and obtain an Amazon voucher or you can cash out £10 with Paypal. The average survey takes around 15 minutes.  – This is a good site due to the frequency of surveys. Toluna is a great place to find product trials and many of the surveys are actually quite interesting to complete. 30’000 is the minimum cashout which is worth £5. You need 60,000 points to qualify for a £10 M&S voucher or 80,000 points for a £15 Amazon or Love to Shop voucher. Each survey is worth around 3’000 – 5’000 points. Each survey takes around 15-30 minutes to complete.



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