Make money on focus groups, testing products and mystery shopping

If you enjoy testing products, completing mystery shopping trips, attending focus groups while earning money on the way then this list of top websites should suit you.


 Toluna. -This website offers product trials along with surveys to earn extra cash. We have trialled washing powder, food and drink among other things. We have also been given the opportunity to take part in an online communities that have paid very well. An online community is a forum or focus group where you are expected to contribute 5 – 10 minutes per day and answer questions. You can expect to be paid anywhere between £20-£100 for an online focus group and between £5-£30 for a product test. To complete a product test, the market research company will send you something to trial for a set period of time. After this they will send you an online survey to complete where you can share your opinion.  Everyone wins!
Focus 4 people. This is a good solid research company who offer a number of regular focus groups and mystery shopping trips. If you attend a focus group you can expect to be paid around £50-£150, depending on how long they want you for. A focus group is where a group of people, chosen by the market research company get together and discuss a chosen topic. Sometimes it could be a new product concept for example. 
BzzAgent. This is a product testing company that doesn’t pay well but you are allowed to keep the products and we have tested some great things. We have trialled electrical goods and been given vouchers to buy things in new shops. They are currently asking people to trial Google Chromecast! When you complete the tasks they send you regarding the product test they often give you Tesco clubcard points. 

Whatusersdo. Ah my favourite website! This site pays between £8 and £15 per test and each test takes around 10 minutes. You get between 3-7 tests per month to do but you do not always qualify for them. The tests require you to try out a website or an app and give your spoken thoughts on it which are recorded. It is fun and well paid. The site pay you in hard cash in your Paypal account. 

Saros. This is another market research company that organise focus groups, many are in London which can be a pain if you live up North however there are regular sessions in Leeds and Manchester. This is a reliable company and worth signing up to. You are invited to try out for focus groups via email.

Pinecone. This is a hard market research company to crack and get into. Firstly you register your interest and then wait until they review your credentials but they do not accept everyone. They offer product tests where you are paid £6 per trial.

ShopandScan. This is a market research company that send you a little clicker to scan your shopping in. They also want photographs of receipts. You are paid in points which you cash in for vouchers. They also do regular online diaries where you submit what food you have to eat and these pay around £10 for a weeks submissions. This is easy and fun and worth signing up.

MarketForce. This is a reliable website which focuses its market research on mystery shopping. There is a variety of work to do, some require you to purchase food items, sometimes services or products but you are always reimbursed for your trouble and paid to do it!


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