Make money by…selling old stuff

Making money selling stuff

This section is going to cover selling your old things for a bit of extra money on  the side. If you are wanting to make a living trading on eBay then please read my other article on making money by selling on eBay. Selling things you don’t want is not only good for your bank balance, it is good for your Feng Sui! Decluttering the house and increasing the bank balance go hand in hand.  As Chuck Palahuiuk said in fight Club, “The things you own, end up owning you.” Get rid, Get rid, sell, sell, sell!  What is the point of owning physical copies of CDS that you also have digitally, clothes that you will never wear, gadgets still in the box?

CDs, DVDs and games

There are many different ways for you to part with the possessions that you no longer want. A very simple way of getting rid of your old electronics, CDS and computer games is The beauty of this site is that it is easy to use, you get a fixed price and you do not have to mess about advertising things. To use this site all you need to do is enter the name of the item and they will offer you a price. If you do not like the price then do not sell it. They do not take singles, but the average old run of the mill CD album pays you around 10p-40p. It does not sound much but you will struggle to sell CDs on eBay unless they are a special edition or by a collectable artist. Some video games will pay you £2.50 – £5. I have used the service twice before and on both occasions I have been impressed with them. When I used the service, I got rid of 20 CD albums for £2.70 and I sold my Ipod 1st Gen shuffle for £3.50. These were only selling for £5 on Ebay and when you factor in fees and postage, there was not that much difference in profit. Once you have a quote for your items, print off a postage label for free and drop your parcel off at the post office. Within a few days you will have a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your goods. If the items are in the condition you stated, then they will process a cheque for you very quickly. You need to post items totally at least £5 to be able to use the service.

Advantages –

  • Fixed price
  • Quick and simple service
  • No postage fees

Disadvantages –

  • Low prices
  • They not accept singles


If you have a mobile phone or laptop to sell then I can recommend the website Mobile Valuer. This site compares the best recycling / cash for old phones deals. It is simple to use, all you need to do is put in the condition (be honest as they find any faults later and it delays payments etc) and enter the make and model. The site will provide you with a list of the top paying sites and reviews of the services.


Selling clothes is another way to make fast cash. I personally find that eBay is the best way to get rid of old clothes but there are also other methods. Clothes that are not in the best condition or from cheap label brands are probably best getting rid of in bulk. You can list a ‘bundle’ or a ‘job lot’ on Ebay as a quick option. Alternatively, you can take your things to sell at a car boot sale but this involves getting up early on a Sunday morning , paying petrol money and around £5 – £10 for your stall. However there is always a great atmosphere at a car boot sale and every time I have done one, I have had a great time.

Located around local towns are ‘Cash for Clothes’ shops, these usually pay between 70p and £1 per Kilo for clothes. This can be a quick and easy method but don’t get rid of any labelled clothes this way. When I say labelled, I even mean high street brand names such as River Island/ Top shop/Topman/Marks and Spencers etc. Anything with a recognised brand name will sell much better on Ebay. As a rough example, A pair of old River Island jeans (£40 new) in good condition can fetch up to £20 which is not bad at all. If you use the cash for clothes shops you might only get a couple of pounds.

Anything designer can be sold on sites such as Gumtree which is a free site for classified ads. The advantage of this over eBay is that you do not have to pay any fees. I roughly gauge eBay and paypal fees at 20%, therefore high value ticket items can cost you quite a lot to sell whereas with Gumtree these do not apply.


If you have old furniture to sell then another possibility is asking a charity to collect them. Charities are obliged to inform you of how much they sell your item for and offer you the money. They collect the item, sell it in their shop and then write to you with how much they have sold it for. I donated a bed and a desk to the British Heart Foundation and in a few weeks they wrote to me and said that my items had sold for £250 pounds and they asked if I would like the money. I refused as I am passionate about that particular charity however I have known some people to halve the money with the charity and ask for some of it back. This is a legitimate option, however some may say that it is not very moral. I do not want to get into ethics, I am just discussing the options out there!





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