10 weird things that you should sell rather than throw away!


By now you must know how much I love Ebay. I love selling stuff and over the years I have sold some odd and unusual things; I have also seen some even weirder things sell for good money. This is a top ten list of items that sell on eBay that you might have thrown away.

1) Old worn tights. Yep, I am sorry to say it but there are some odd balls out there that will pay hard cash for your worn (and unwashed) tights. So after a night out when you ladder your tights and they need binning, take a photograph of them and get them on Ebay. I have seen worn tights sell for £30-£40. I think it’s best not to think about what happens to your poor old tights afterwards, but if you need the money….

2) Empty perfume bottles. I don’t know if people refill them and use them as decorations or whether they collect them but you can see your empty bottles for anywhere up to £10 depending on the brand. Another treasure that you might have thrown in the bin!

3) Old Vehicle tax discs. Old tax discs sell well to collectors, especially if they are still in the perforated letter. As of October 2014, the UK have abolished tax disc so this has really bumped up the price, some of the last ones dated in September were fetching up to £100. Sadly just regular old ones won’t fetch anywhere near this.

4) Broken electronics. Broken phones, computers, game boys, printers and laptops all sell well for parts. I dropped an old gameboy in the bath, it was damaged and it would not turn on. It was not worth enough to fix so it sat in a cupboard until recently. I put it on eBay and it fetched £25. Happy Days!

5) Old magazines. If you have a copy of a magazine that had a spread on a famous person or a famous person on the cover then it will sell to a collector. You can easily make a profit on a magazine. I sold a magazine with Rhianna on the cover for £5. I only paid £2 for the magazine in the first place!

6) Vouchers. If you get a voucher for a retailer that has conditions on, ie, spend £100 get £20 off and you do not want it, advertise it on EBay. People will buy it as they will still be making a saving. Easy money for you and the buyer gets a nice discount!

7) Gift boxes and bags. Oh people love these. When you buy something from Pandora, or other high street jewelers you get a nice box and bag don’t you, well you can sell these for quite a bit of money. A bag and box can sell up to £5. Even bags from places like Agent Provocateur, Jo Malone etc sell well.

8) Holiday Photographs. If you have a decent camera and you can take good photos then your holiday snaps can sell quite well. I am not talking about your beach snaps, I mean your famous buildings and iconic sights. For example, a sunset over London Bridge, a snow covered Times Square. You get the picture (no pun intended.)

9) Sky box – unlike Virgin you actually own your sky box so when you upgrade you can sell your old box on. These can fetch really good money!

10) Old stamps – used stamps sell to collectors and they can raise quite a bit of capital, cut them off the envelope and get selling.

As you can see, your home is filled with little gems that you can sell on for money.

“One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.”



2 thoughts on “10 weird things that you should sell rather than throw away!”

  1. I like your ideas. I have probably over 100k baseball, football, and basket ball cards that are in mint condition! I have sets, autographed cards(Terry Bradshaw 2005 topps 50th anniversary, #42 of 50 ever made) and so on. Any suggestions on how to sell these would be greatly appreciated!
    Also, I’m a coin collector with a lot of silver coins, 2013 d three legged Buffaloe nickels, and many more! If you have an advice, email me back or text/call at 678-756-5231.


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