How to get a student NUS card as an adult


What is the best saving card that you can possibly have? What card can you flash in most shops and restaurants to get a discount? What card gets you cheap cinema tickets, reduced admission fees for museums and attractions? The NUS card. The glorious, coveted NUS card.  If you have been a student before then you will know how amazing this little beauty is and how much you can save. If you have not then prepare to be enlightened! But firstly let me explain how you can acquire one.

Student cards are designed to give our poor student friends a little helping hand however I think that we should all be entitled to a little extra discount. So how can you get one? Well you are entitled to one if you are doing certain part time or full time courses as long as you are over 16. There is no upper age limit. There are a whole spectrum of courses that make you eligible for an NUS card, some cards are free with the course whereas sometimes you need to apply for an NUS extra card which is £12.  Courses cost from £40 and you can search for them on:

If there is a course that you want to do and you feel that it would help you do your job better then you could approach your boss and ask them to fund the course for you. Then you can have the free NUS card and they get an employee that is more motivated and well trained! If you don’t have a friendly boss, then just complete the course anyway (or enroll and don’t attend) and apply for your NUS Extra card.  Apply here:

Is it worth paying for a course? Yes it is! I have looked at a few courses provided by ECareers which are online courses and many start at £40. Some of the courses look interesting and if nothing else, it is something else to stick on your CV! Do not waste your time on fake NUS cards as this is fraud and you could land yourself in a lot of trouble! do it the right legit way and you can still save boatloads!!

So a course costs £40 and the NUS extra costs £12, your total investment is £52 pounds. I am now going to show you how you easily save more than this just doing the regular stuff you do!

Cinema (Showcase)  -full price £7.10 NUS £6.30 (Works on Orange Wednesdays too) If you go once per month with your NUS Card you will save £9.60 over the year.

Alton Towers ticket – £49.20 NUS £29.60. One visit a year will save you £19.60. 

The average woman spends on average £453.60 on clothes and £129.60 on shoes per year.  If you shop at the following stores – Asos, Topshop, Coast, Dorothy Perkins, French connection, Firetrap, Ted Baker etc Then you can save anywhere between 20% and 10%. If we average this at 15% over the year, your NUS card can save you £87.48 per year.

A haircut at Toni&Guy costs around £35. With NUS you can save 10%. If you have a haircut every six weeks, then you will save £28 per year

Fancy a McDonalds? With your card you can get free medium fries with a Big Mac or McChicken sandwich. Alternatively, when you buy a meal you can get a free hamburger/cheeseburger or McFlurry! Take advantage of one of these offers every month and you can save £23.88 per year.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium at £9.99 per month? Well with the NUS Card you can save £5 which makes a saving of £60 per year.

So far we have saved £228.56 over the year and we are only warming up!

There are so many retailers to choose from, if you need convincing check out this list:

Even Amazon are onboard with the old student discount! You can save 5% on everything in the below categories:

  • Books, office and stationery– save on all your course needs
  • CDs and DVDs– save on the latest albums and films
  • Grocery– at Amazon grocery you can save money on everything from Oreo cookies to Fluff!
  • Jewellery and watches– perfect forgifts or just to treat yourself
  • Personal Care Appliances and Health & Beauty– cover all your cosmetic needs and save as you go
  • DIY & Tools, Lawn & Garden, Kitchen & Home– get your house in shape
  • and Shoes, Automotive and Pet Supplies

And breathe!!!


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