Best deals of today…

Free Children’s Debit Card trial with £10 Preloaded- Costs £1.97 per month so cancel after the free month to keep the £10. Basically free money!
Free Chocolate Bars- This is a nice easy freebie – simply register with SweetsForFree to get a free bar of milk chocolate sent out in the post.

Glamour Magazine (£2) has a free Nails Inc nail polish worth £11 + a Body Shop voucher worth £3-£1000 + 20% off H&M
On the back of the Body Shop cards there are numbers, 38933 = £3 & 38911 = £100 and anything else should be £15 or £1000
The magazines are all sealed up so no peeking unfortunately 😦

Free Festive Starbucks drink when you buy another (between 6th-9th November)
Buy any sized festive favourite between 14:00 – 17:00 and receive one free of charge
Pick Eggnog, Toffee Nut or Gingerbread latte. Or indulge in the delicious new Honey & Almond Hot Chocolate.


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