20 ways to save £20

20 ways to save £20 


Discount vouchers – If you are planning a trip or booking a restaurant then make sure you check the latest discount vouchers. Even if you can save 20% of your trip, every little bit helps!

Join your local library – Libraries are free to join and you can borrow a number of books at once. You can even order online and view the collections without even leaving your chair! A paperback can cost around £5-£6 so you can easily save £20 in books alone. They also have films and CDs at my local library!

Swap your branded products –Would you really notice the difference? Take the humble porridge oats. There are currently a number of alternatives on offer.  I can have Quaker Oaks (The top shelf porridge) at £3 for 1kg or I can buy Tesco own brand for £1.20.  In terms of household products, washing powder can be really costly. A box of 56 Tesco non-bio washing tablets costs just £4.00 compared with £6.90 for Ariel and £7.48 for Fairy.

Say no to Costa and Starbucks –£2.19 for a small latte is a lot of money. If you have one every day for a year you will spend nearly £800 in coffee alone. You can buy a decent machine for a fraction of this and enjoy freshly made coffee at home.

Eat out less – A fresh pizza from Asda is £2 and you can choose all your own toppings. A pizza at Pizza express is around £10. Add on the drinks and the side orders and you can quickly spend £40 on a midweek treat. Save the pennies and have treat night at home.

Have your hair cut /colouredby a trainee –Phone your local college or salon and ask if they have any trainees. Trainees are already trained to a certain level and often they just want models to try out colouring or gain experience in cutting. A cut with a trainer can cost less than £10 and if you are modelling for an exam or show, you can often get the whole look for free.

Rent your video games –Video games can set you back £40 each and once played they stay no the shelf. Rather than buy games brand new, rent them from places such as www.boomerangrentals.co.uk. This is a much cheaper alternative.

Order early –Do not waste money on express delivery, if you have a gift to buy then buy it with plenty of time. Often sites offer free delivery but these services usually take a little longer. gift wrapping services are also very expensive, save money and have it delivered to your home to hand wrap and then hand deliver. Use a calendar to keep ahead of events.

Use cashback websites –If you’re shopping online, why not see if you can save money. Sites such as quidco.com and topcashback.co.uk allow you to search for specific retailers so see if you can save any money.

Check those direct debits- Sometimes we have gym memberships, insurances, charities and other direct debits that keep coming out of our bank accounts without us noticing. Sit down and have a look at the direct debits and decide which ones you really need.

Shop around –Comparison websites such as mysupermarket.com help you search the internet for the best possible price. Do not pay over the odds!

Bring your own lunch –Even a Boots meal deal can cost you £3 per day and that incudes a drink and snack. It is surprising how much money you can spend on lunch when you’re at work if you buy it ready-made from shops and cafes every day. Buy nice bread and fillings to keep you interested or make batches of soup and freeze for a touch of variety.

Do-it-yourself –Having nice nails, eyebrows and skin shouldn’t cost the earth. Even Shellac can be done at home a lot cheaper than Salon’s charge. If you avoided a salon for a year you will save a fortune in the long run.

Stream free Music-Buying a albums can easily set you back £20 on Itunes, Amazon or highstreet shops. Free sites and apps such as Blinkbox allows you to stream music for free, you do not even need wifi or data with Blinkbox and they have the latest tracks.

Start a babysitting circle-Take it in turns to babysit for friends and family so you do not have to fork out for babysitters. This saves the group money as well as just yourself.

Bring a course-The average dinner party can cost over £100 with wine and decent food so why should one person cover all the cost? Ask everyone to bring a course or bottle and you have the perfect evening which is still cheaper than eating out.

Skill swap –If you can’t fix a car but you can wallpaper then have a look at Skillswap.com. Here you can swap your skills in exchange for something you need. If you need some electrics fixing, see if you can do some gardening or baking in exchange.

Ride a bike or carshare to work – Avoid the queues and tailbacks and cycle to work this kills two birds with one stone as you are getting fit at the same time. If you only want to travel by car, look at carsharing options. There are tons of carsharing networks around, google your local council for help and advice.

Write a shopping list-I am an impulse shopper so it helps my budget to stick to a list. I also try to avoid shopping when I am hungry as I tend to buy things I want to eat at that moment. Plan your meals and lunches and buy the food you will need, do not buy impulse things as these are costly and you don’t need them.

Make do and mend –Do not throw away clothes when they have a hole or a lost button, buy a cheap sewing kit and fit it! When jumpers get bobbly, you can use a bobble remover to make the item look like new. If clothes are beyond fixing then you can cut them up as use as cloths or dusters!


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